Middle School The worst years of my life

If Middle school the worst years of my life were in a different time, there would have a whole different perspective on it. Rafe would not be as bad as he is right now, he would probably not be his bad self. Because he would have to be other wise he would probably get bigger punishments if it was back then. If i wanted to suggest this book to someone i would say: that this book is good for people who like to laugh and break rules. Also good for people who hate middle school and like to break rules. ;) The conflict was that rafe was tryin to break all the rules the school had but the teachers and principals were getting in his way. The problem was not really solved, he got transferred to different school and had to go to summer school. The message was that you need to pay attention in school so that you don’t have to go to summer school and/or have to redo a grade, if u just stick to school. Because rafe hated school and had bad grades so he had to go to summer school.


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